The nearest airport is Carcassonne Pays Cathare (Salvaza) with many Ryanair flights. 15 minutes by car (see driving directions) or take a taxi (approximately 25 euros - I 

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You can also fly to Perpignan, Beziers and Toulouse with many international flights and take a train direct to Carcassonne (approximately 50 minutes).


Carcassonne has train links to Paris, Montpellier, Toulouse, Perpignan and Spain.

Limited rail and bus links from Carcassonne to Verzeille (ask for further details) or

take a taxi (10% discount available with Audeline).

contd ... Follow the road through Pomas, continue through vineyards and turn left at the T junction to VERZEILLE (0.6kms), then take the THIRD road on the right ** into the village, Allee des Platanes ... an avenue of plane trees and large round lamps. LOOK FOR THE YELLOW CHAMBRES D’HOTES sign on your left.

*or Turning left at the traffic lights for Carcassonne/ST. HILAIRE, Centre Hospitale and the CITÉ , continue right at the roundabout and after ‘Camping de la Cité’ take the next right to St Hilaire D204.*** This road goes through the villages of Cavanac, Leuc and then into VERZEILLE (about 10 km). Take the first left into the village **.

From Narbonne and east, Junction 24 off the autoroute or the N113 after TREBES. As you come into the commercial area before Carcassonne just after the right to TOULOUSE and Mazamet take the LIMOUX/HOSPITALE exit which will take you over the autoroute. This route gives you a fabulous view of the old CITÉ on your right (in behind you in the drivers mirror!). Pass the Centre Hospitale on your left and immediately after *** turn left to ST HILAIRE. It's a dangerous turn on a bend and hill and if the road is busy you may continue on to the next roundabout and return for an easier right hand turn. Continue past the Golf Club on your left and through the villages of Cavanac and Leuc (with its chateau and painted wall on the left) and at VERZEILLE take the first left into an avenue of Plane Trees and large round street lamps - Allee des Platanes.** LOOK FOR THE YELLOW CHAMBRES D’HOTES sign on your right.

**Take the 2nd left after hedge (YELLOW CdH sign on right) and park in the square ‘le Sol’. With your back to the Epicerie you will see Rue du Sol on your left. I am the big stone house on the left with a lamp, double green doors with flowers and Top Rural sign on the door - or walk around the corner to the garden entrance in Rue du Parc. If you miss the 2nd left, take the 3rd left into Rue du Parc, a very tight turn between 2 houses. Left into square.

Driving Directions to Verzeille (Rue du Sol)      Verzeille is 14kms south of Carcassone on the St Hilaire road D204/104. This village may not appear on large national maps of France.

From Carcassonne Pays Cathare (Salvaza) Airport, you must turn right out of the airport and return at the roundabout, then take the Limoux road on your right which takes you past the commercial centre.

From Toulouse on the A61 - E80 autoroute. Exit at Junction 23 which brings you to a roundabout near the commercial centre. Follow signs for Limoux direction*.

*Follow signs to LIMOUX D118. Continue 12 kms, past the village of Preixan high on your right to the POMAS/ST HILAIRE TURN (IS THE ONLY TURN FOR VERZEILLE BEFORE LIMOUX) signposted at on the right Rouffiac well before the filtered turn over the river Aude on the left.

Getting to Colours of Pays Cathare