Here in the Midi people love get out and have fun.   There are Fetes in the village sometimes celebrating food, wine .. .or just for the fun of it. Concerts in churches and open spaces. Regular art events. Or perhaps you would like to go to a Vide Grenier on a Sunday. I always check out events each week and pin them up on my “Information” board in the hall and advise you at breakfast if there is anything of particular interest each day.

Here are just a few of the big events in the area throught the coming months.  Limoux starts with local entertainment to dispel the winter blues.

LIMOUX CARNIVAL 15 January to 25 March the longest running carnival in the world, each weekend 3 times a day, wending its way in an out of 4 cafes in the main square.  Join in the fun .. music, dance, crazy characters and beautiful costumes.  You can see videos on Youtube if you type in Limoux Carnival/Carnaval.  I will be opening the last weekend of February so that you can enjoy the last few carnivals.  Paint your own carnival mask .. or buy one there ... or there is a magic carnival shop in Carcassonne.

LIMOUX TORQUES ET CLOCHERS 31st March and 1st April

Every year Limoux holds an event, Torques et Clochers, that contributes to the development of the area's identity and cultural heritage. Its purpose is to promote winemaking, while helping local heritage conservation.  On the Saturday, the public, some 40,000, come for a festival of music (and drinking) in the streets and wine cellars. On Sunday, the best "Chardonnay" from the four areas of the appellation, are auctioned to the top chefs and sommeliers from around the world. The benefit of this sale will allow the restoration of another church in the region.  Come and enjoy the fun, even if you can’t afford to bid.

Cuivrée SPECIAL" Fri, April 27, 2012

If your passion is brass band, then come alone and see how they play in the south.  

CARCASSONNE  provides a host of entertainment over the summer season.  For more details of events throughout the year check out the Official Site of Carcassonne:

JAZZ WEEK   26th April marks the 12th edition of this popular event, now held at the newly renovated Auditorium - Chapel of the Jesuits or the larger Theatre Jean Alary where you can enjoy good music and theatre throughout the year.


mid June - mid August 2010    Music, dance, circus, theatre and opera. A programme of events in July throughout the town and Medieval Cite, with internationally renown perfomers and more than 70 free events.  In August there is a Medieval Festival with knights jousting within the fortified walls of the Cite. Check the programme on :


14th July, Carcassonne puts on one of the biggest firework displays in France at the Medieval Cite to celebrate Bastille Day.  Book early for this as it is THE most popular day in France. There is a special train from the village to avoid the traffic  jams, but this must be booked in advance. Please ask on booking.


from May to September a Festival of 20 concerts in some of the most beautiful sites in the region.  World artists sing music in the spirit of the Troubadors in Abbeys and Churches around the region.  Listen to our local group Troubadours Art Ensembe:


From mid June to mid September a programme of organ concerts in different churches and cathedrals of Carcassonne, and regular performances in the historic Basilique St Nazaire in the old Cite.


In the last weeast week of August Spanish Carcassonne goes fiesta crazy, with musicians and dancers performing throughout the town.

OC a successful local group (playing music on the history page) entertain with Occitan music, videos and spectaculars representing some of the historic events in the area.  Follow their music and performances: